SpaceSpare shares memories, connect with others and make new friends.
Connect with your friends and start making space for new friends. Spare your space for new friends with SpaceSpare Mobile App

SpaceSpare has an amazing feature that benefits users to do more than making friends.
- Create & Manage Business or Personal Page
- Build a community group to share ideas and minds.
- Manage your profile and secure it to only friends or publicly.
- Connect and share stories of moments
- Post, react to post and comment
- Follow most trending posts
- Send & Receive messages
- Become a Pro user to get more friends and attentions
- Attend Events
- Market your products or items on a go.
- Earn points by sharing, liking and commenting on posts (Points can be used to create ads for your business)
- Watch movies and play games on SpaceSpare Social Media Platform.
- and more...

SpaceSpare Social Media Platform allows you to experience a new way of making friends and connecting to people.